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When buying lottery tickets online, there are various methods of buying your lotto tickets. You can buy your lottery tickets online from an online lottery ticket agent's website.

Celeb Lottos is a promotional website for GiantLottos.com, we feature the latest service offerings from Giant and the latest lottery news items of winners draws and lottery events from around the globe.

History of Lotteries

The philosopher Samuel von Pufendorf (1632-1694) defined the term "lotto" as a means of achieving a profit "by taking one or more pieces of paper out of a jar containing a number of written and blank slips of money "He compared the lottery with a collection, " since one gets by the money the people, which they otherwise either not at all, or if one imposes them, only with grumbling and impatience. "But he also saw the disadvantages that may be associated with these practices. He turned down lotteries for pure profit.

Online Lottery

For some years there are also Internet lotteries, these are not to be confused with typing registration services. Internet lottery providers host their own draws that have nothing to do with the state lottery. Depending on the provider, for example, 7 out of 49, 6 out of 49, 6 out of 32 or even 7 out of 50 are drawn. Some providers also hold several different draws with different prices in parallel.

The chance of winning per draw is not larger or maybe even smaller than the state lottery, but most Internet lotteries are ad-supported and therefore free of charge. In addition, most internet lotteries organize daily drawings. To participate, you must be of age and register once, you can then log in to the typing with the e-mail address and / or a password daily. As a rule, there are three options for submitting your bet:

You choose the number of tips manually. You can generate pseudo- random numbers. You save a combination of tips, but you have to call manually every day.

The profits can be in kind or cash prizes. In addition, some providers offer weekly or monthly special rates. A proof of identity is mandatory for the receipt of a profit. Some internet lotteries offer chargeable additional offers, such as automatic typing entries or other sweepstakes.