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Mega Sena is Brazil's biggest lottery known for its massive jackpots. Find all the information you need on Mega Sena at Celeblottos.com

Play the Mega Sena lottery online and win multi-million jackpots from anywhere in the world. It has never been easier to play Brazil's most well-known lotto online. To play on lotto games safely and securely, you should really pay attention to some simple rules. One may wish to find out more in advance of you deciding to wager on online lottery games.

Ways in which can I boost the likelihood of winning the Mega Sena lotto?

What lotto balls are drawn the most in Mega Sena?

The top 6 highest drawn Lotto numbers since 1994, which are: 20, 31, 38, 07, 43 as well as 18. The National Lottery furthermore showed the number of times every one of these numbers had been pulled as both a principal ball and a bonus lucky number.

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