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Play Online Jackpot Raffles

Here at CelebLottos.com we'll help you play any millionaire raffle! And these aren't your normal church raffles, but rather you could win millions in big jackpots!

With big online raffles like the El Gordo Navidad you can win a lot more than just a bottle of champagne, in fact there are multi-million prize pools for you to win big cash prizes from! Raffles work a bit differently from normal lottery games, instead of picking your own lucky numbers you pick a set of pre-determined numbers that have different prizes assigned to them. Remember that online raffles only happen annually so you'll have a limited time on your hands on tickets for raffles like the El Gordo or the Loteria Nacional.

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Online raffles also offer much better odds of winning the jackpot and other prizes have as good as a 1-in-7 chance of walking away with other big cash prizes. Want even better odds of winning with an online raffle? Simply buy ten shares in a single ticket and that whole ticket will be played under your name, meaning that you won't split the prizes with any other players. Now all you need to do is wait for the night of the raffle draw, see which number combinations are draw and see how many prizes you're lucky enough to win!