The Best Fictional Works Concerning the Gambling Industry

Gambling has emerged as one of the most popular pastimes enjoyed by people all over the world, as evidenced by the volume of inquiries received by online bookmakers. The games of chance are fun to watch. Gambling, on the other hand, is a potentially interesting topic for written work in and of itself.

And, in recent years, there have been many fantastic literary works published on this subject. Furthermore, in addition to books about traditional casinos, there are also books about online gambling. Many of the reviews for these books state that the information contained within them is useful when engaging in activities at online casinos like Casino Classic. However, we will not be discussing online gambling books at this time. Instead, we’ll focus on some of the best works of fiction that are related to gambling.

“The Best Gambling Books Ever Written”

Angel of Dice

Brian Rouff is the author of Dice Angel, a novel. The protagonist of this story is James Delaney Jr., who grew up in Las Vegas and now runs a bar that his father left to him. Jimmy’s gambling problem was the primary cause of his marriage’s dissolution. However, by the time we meet Jimmy, he has recovered and has severed his ties with the casino lifestyle. He was surprised to receive a phone call from the local police department informing him that his bar had been robbed.

The thieves stole $12,000 in cash from the video poker machines he had installed earlier in the bar. The authorities immediately turn their attention to the bartenders, but Jimmy is unconcerned. The Internal Revenue Service is putting pressure on Jimmy, and if he is unable to recoup all of his lost money, he may lose his bar.

As a result, he must obtain a substantial sum of money as soon as possible. Jimmy encounters a homeless man who hands him a business card belonging to a person known as “Dice Angel.” It was said that this enigmatic figure, only known as Dice Angel, could help him win at craps. Jimmy initially thought it was a crazy idea, but he only had two weeks to find the money and was desperate. As a result, he decided to give it a shot. If you want to read a story that will make you laugh while also allowing you to empathize with the main character, you should get a copy of Dice Angel.

Gambling, just like in real life, becomes a problem for many people. According to a Zodiac Casino Canada review, while online casinos are becoming more popular in today’s society, playing a game at Zodiac Casino will not turn you into an addicted gambler. Reading these fictional tales can be enjoyable for both gamblers and non-gamblers because they are based on true events and contain a lot of truth.

The film Casino Royale

The Casino Royale series was written by Ian Fleming, and the first book in the series was published in 1953. It’s a story about covert agent 007. The story is told from his perspective. Although the book isn’t entirely about gambling, the most exciting parts take place in various casinos across the country. This is the chapter in which James Bond meets the book’s antagonist, the Russian spy Le Chiffre.

Sex, Deception, and Video Poker

This publication was written by Bob Dancer. It’s a novel that’s both educational and erotic. This book is primarily about a man named Chris George, who is a very successful businessman. He begins playing video poker to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. Despite her gambling success, she comes from a troubled family and is the object of his affections. Chris also has to deal with his sister-in-law, who is determined to seduce him into bed, which raises the stakes and adds to the intrigue.

The Love and Hate of Las Vegas Casinos

This work of fiction was written by Nicholas Pileggi. Many other authors have looked into the relationship between organized crime and gambling houses. However, Nicholas Pileggi outdid himself. The book discusses the mafia’s influence on Las Vegas casinos in the 1970s and 1980s.

Many of these casinos are still open for business today. In this story, two Mafia members named Anthony Spiloto and Frank Rosenthal play critical roles. They co-own a casino that engages in illegal activities. The main plot point is that Frank’s wife is having an affair with Anthony, a friend of Frank’s. This book was used as the inspiration for the 1995 film Casino.

The House Is Always the Winner

This work of literature was written by Brian Rouff. He focused most of his attention on Anna Christiansen, the story’s main character. Anna works as a reporter for a small-town newspaper and eventually falls in love with the band’s bassist. She decides to relocate to Las Vegas but instead ends up living in a haunted house owned by a Las Vegas racketeer.

Anna comes up with the idea of enlisting the help of the ghost who lives in her house in her fight to keep the owner of a casino from buying her property. It’s an engaging piece of writing with a unique take on the gambling fiction subgenre.

Losers Take Everything

“Losers Take All,” written by Graham Greene, is a short story. Bertram will be the one to watch out for in this story. Bertram and his fiancee attend a meeting on a yacht hosted by Bertram’s boss in Monte Carlo. However, the boss never arrived, so they stayed in the pricey hotel to make the most of the money they had left.

Bertram began attempting to devise a strategy to win a significant amount of money playing roulette when they ran out of money. Meanwhile, his fiancee enters into a romantic relationship with another gambler.


This concludes our list of recommendations for the best gambling-themed fiction books currently available. The material available to skilled writers, on the other hand, rarely results in fictional works. There are numerous books available for purchase that cover topics such as betting strategies for different casino games, winning methods, and so on.